Office Branding – Why is it So Important?

There is no doubt we live in a visual world; what your office looks like communicates with your employees, associates and clients before a word is spoken. 

Your office should reflect who you are as a business; your professionalism; your investment and your brand identity. 

A high-quality office design has benefits beyond the aesthetic.

Office Design Can Increase Staff Performance

The link between a flexible and dynamic working environment and staff performance is clear. 83% of office professionals surveyed reported having their best ideas in a flexible space. The link between performance and environment deepens at executive level with 87% of workers agreeing that office design is key to encouraging innovation. Studies show that office design can increase productivity by 20%. 

The right design and implementation reminds staff of your investment in them; by tailoring your space you can design not only your office but the output you want.

Strong Branding Throughout the Office

Your branding needs to tell a cohesive story from signage upon arrival, welcome to meeting space. Whoever walks into your space you want them to be wowed, to be impressed, and to know instantly exactly who you are.

Office walls are a blank canvas to be exploited. Curved walls, awkward corners, windows, and architraves can all be worked around and options such as slimline wall mounted tension frames and titan wallpaper dress space rather than hindering it. Your floor space and workable areas remain the same. Our recent work at Givaudan Headquarters in Kent made the most of the architectural features to create stunning results.

Images and quotes in the form of graphic wallpaper can be used to promote brand values and identity. Inspire your staff and inform your clients of your business core values.


Office Branding to Create Content

Social media enables businesses to showcase its staff and working environment to prospective employees and customers.

With both B2B and B2C websites recognising that video is now playing a huge part in the success of websites. A branded office provides a ready-made video location saying exactly what you want about your business.

Many businesses are creating purpose areas for social media creation with feature walls and lightboxes to create their own marketing tools. Encouraging staff and visitors to take a selfie can lead to postings to various social media outlets and increased visibility for your business.

A recent workplace TikTok of a Leeds firm quickly garnered over three million views in less than a week, resulting in four enquires from prospective clients.

Office Branding to Inspire Your Staff

High-quality, well thought out office design can help attract and retain the best staff. Spaces designed to impress generate creativity, inspire, show investment, ambition, and how you value your staff and their contribution. 

In today’s retention and recruitment age your prospective employees will no doubt look you up online – impress future personnel with strong imagery of a professional and vibrant workplace.

Signage and graphics depicting the history of your business make people feel part of the story, part of the team and contributors to its success. Graphic signage with quotes or key words about your vision, reminds teams of shared goals and values.

With clear links to performance and productivity, office design and branding is a key investment for any business. Contact us to discuss how we can help.