How to Maximise Event and Exhibition Branding

Events, exhibitions and trade show spaces are an important investment for businesses with the sector being worth over £42.3 billion to the UK economy alone.

 The opportunity at these events to see a significant ROI and drastically increase brand awareness and recognition is huge. 

Creating the right space to showcase your business and brand is an essential part of this success.

Events and Exhibitions as an Opportunity to Build Brand Awareness

Branded event spaces can generate leads and build loyalty. 

Your space should be designed to highlight and celebrate what makes your brand unique.

Well-known brands achieve instant recognition through signage and logos. High wall coverings and impressive graphics using your brand colours immediately identify you to your customers.

For businesses still building brand awareness or that are introducing a new product or service it is important to make sure every aspect of your space reflects who you are and works in cohesion with your existing marketing tools.

91% of consumers reported more positive feelings about brands after attending events - utilise this positivity by providing a high quality background or social media wall to actively encourage user- generated content.

 A case study of Hyperice’s exhibition stand at PerformX shows how a brand’s identity synergises with design to create a space that was clean, focussed and modern reflecting clearly who they are and their values.



Making the Most of Exhibition Space

Exhibition spaces can be huge - a large space with clear and large signage automatically makes you a talking point for the event - with people navigating from, and meeting at your stand. Catching the eye as the crowd walks by with the right high quality imagery helps people quickly understand who you are and what you do.  

Good design is crucial, as is working with an experienced team who can support a business from structure design, print, production to installation. Audiences and potential customers are expecting that wow factor that encourages a sense of trust and security with a brand. 

Enclosed spaces create an intimate, cosy feel and literally block your competitors from view. Window graphics add privacy, control light flow, and offer extra branding opportunities to be exploited.

Don’t neglect the floor – floor graphics can lead people on a journey, reflect the focus and tone of your brand, as well as clearly welcoming attendees and delineating your space.

Event spaces – An Opportunity to Innovate

Use your event space to showcase your innovative creative visions and display concepts. Event spaces give a unique opportunity to design from scratch and realise your creative visions.

Leveraging the latest technologies such as light boxes and can create memorable moments that entertain and create a lasting impression.  Providing a valuable experience for attendees can make you a lasting memory and talking point, furthermore  it is proven to work with 85% of consumers likely to purchase after participating in events and experiences.

Be clear about what you want your potential customers to do and feel after being in your space – relaxed and calm, invigorated and energised, inspired, and impressed -whatever it is design the space around that from colours, lighting, floors, and walls. Every surface is an opportunity. 

Contact the team to discuss how we can make your next event space truly unforgettable.