How Print Solutions Can Enhance Your Next Event

Event Branding

From the King’s Coronation and the Eurovision to the Oscars and the Premier League, if the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that live events are very much back in business. 

With the competition to attract and maintain consumer interest proving tougher than ever, companies of all sectors and sizes are looking for new and more innovative ways to engage with their target audience. And the key to that success could lie in effective event branding.


Elevating Event and Exhibition Spaces

Events and exhibitions offer businesses the chance to showcase not only their products and services but also the personality, knowledge and values behind their brand. However, successful event branding is not just a case of reusing existing marketing logos and imagery. 

Event spaces should have a unique identity in keeping with the location, theme and audience of the event or exhibition, as well as include a clear and meaningful messaging strategy.

Designed, produced and presented successfully, an effective event-branded space should:

  • Make a memorable and inspirational first impression.
  • Demonstrate your business’s intention at the event.
  • Create interest and engage with prospective customers.
  • Stand out from competitors by offering something different.
  • Inspire trust and loyalty from new and existing customers.

The Power of Print

Thanks to the latest innovations in print solutions, there are endless options when it comes to creating outstanding visual displays for events and exhibitions. In addition to logos and imagery, colour can play a powerful role in creating a long-lasting impact and ensuring continuity between brand identity, the event, and your key message.

As experts in specialist printing, our team at Leach use state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge to design and print exceptional designs onto all kinds of surfaces and spaces, from fabric banners and lightboxes to wall coverings and floor graphics.





Making the Most of Your Event Branding

  1. Over the years, Leach has created solutions for an array of events and exhibitions, as you can see from our online case studies. So what would we recommend? Here are some top tips:
  2. Event branding should have its own identity - it needs to work cohesively with both existing brand imagery and the event’s theme, plus communicate its own message.
  3. Understand your audience - knowing who is likely to attend the event and what you can offer them is crucial to creating an effective messaging strategy and event branding.
  4. Represent and showcase your company values - striking visuals can attract your key buyers, but demonstrating what you stand for will make you memorable and trusted.
  5. Seek feedback - while sales figures are useful, they might not help you learn whether your event branding was successful. Talk to your visitors during and after the event.

At Leach, we have a wealth of experience in creating show-stopping event branding options and memorable exhibition spaces for a wide range of clients. For expert advice and professional, high-quality services related to all aspects of event branding, please contact our team today.